Internal Citizen Policies

Responsibility and Respect

Citizens of the USC are all treated with equality and respect by the leaders, and Citizens are expected to behave the same to each other. The USC acknowledges that gamers come from diverse backgrounds, and use games to escape the stresses of real life. Because of this the USC aims to provide a pleasant, drama free environment for Citizens to enjoy playing Star Citizen in. As such, only polite, mature, and responsible candidates need apply for USC Citizenship. It is recommended that applicants be over the age of 18. Exceptions may be made on a case by case basis. Overall you will be judged on your personality and treatment of others in the community, not your age. The USC operates on a zero tolerance policy for needless drama, and Citizens who are found disturbing the peace are subject to immediate loss of USC Citizenship. If you have a direct problem with another member, please contact an admin member on the USC Discord to help deal with the situation.


External Representation

USC Citizens are expected to uphold the name of the USC throughout the universe. You are not to do anything to harm the reputation of the USC, in-game or otherwise. Common decency is expected of all Citizens when engaging in both internal and external interactions. Citizens are not allowed to 'multi-flag', meaning they are not allowed to hold dual citizenship with another org, unless explicitly allowed by the Cabinet, i.e. small friend & family groups. 



The USC prides itself on upholding equality and fairness for all beings. As such, any and all forms of piracy is forbidden for USC Citizens. Any reports of piracy will be promptly investigated, and confirmed cases of piracy could result in expulsion and termination of USC Citizenship.



The USC looks to accommodate everyone’s play styles and time restraints. We understand that everyone has a life outside of Star Citizen, and because of this, we have no set gameplay time requirements per week – your real life comes first. However, to stay an active USC Citizen once Star Citizen launches, we expect all of our Citizens to contribute in a meaningful way. We expect USC Citizens to use their play time, whenever or however long it might be, in a meaningful way that both benefits them and the United Space Confederation. We will not tolerate people using group resources for purely personal gain.



Leadership positions in the United Space Confederation are a position of duty, not privilege. These positions are based on need, and candidates will be selected for an Officer position based on a number of factors, including but not limited to dedication and skill. Having a higher position in the USC does not give the authority to dictate other’s actions, time spent and/or play style in game except in specific context like military group operations. Leadership positions never allow the person holding office to act in a privileged manner during social interactions with other members. Should you be offered an Officer position in the USC, we expect you to commit more time to Star Citizen and the USC, so please keep that in mind before accepting.


Voice Communication

We are offering many different ways for USC Citizens to communicate and connect with each other. Primary communications in-game will be VoIP using Discord. We understand that not everyone wants to be on mic all the time during their gaming sessions, as such, VoIP participation is not required for all Citizens, with special exceptions for circumstances such as Navy group level raid operations (missions). Voice communications will not be required for normal USC activities.


Nationality and Time Zone Policy

We are open to all English speaking members, whether native or as a second language, regardless of time zone.


Summary of Explicit Rules

You must be able to abide by these rules to remain a USC Citizen:

External Policies

Official USC Communications

Communications by Citizens of the United Space Confederation, electronic or otherwise, made through but not limited to, forum threads and posts, email, blogs, social media posts, private messages, or videos, are the opinion of that individual and may not represent the views or stance of the United Space Confederation. Communications that represent the views of the United Space Confederation will be clearly marked as such, and published through the Confederation Media Network. The USC does not and should not police the actions of our Citizens; they are free to express their own thoughts and opinions. As such, the United Space Confederation cannot be held responsible for their actions. 

If you represent another organization, and are having an issue with a USC Citizen, you are free to contact the The Consul of Peace to submit a complaint. We will take the action we deem necessary to resolve the matter.


Despite clashes with the United Earth Empire over our history, the United Space Confederation does not actively seek the destruction of the UEE or its allies. We simply wish for social and structural changes in the UEE government, and have taken matters into our own hands because of the UEE’s unwillingness to change. We are willing to work and align with other organizations and groups, regardless of their UEE affiliation, as long as both parties are able to find common ground.


Diplomacy and Alliances

At this time the United Space Confederation is 'lightly' seeking binding agreements with other organizations or entities in regards to mutual assistance, military support, trade or business treaties, or any other categories that require the United Space Confederation to commit any of its resources. We believe, in the majority of cases, it is too early in the development process to negotiate and agree on any meaningful terms, but are open to begin establishing lines of communication. We are very open to keeping friendly relations with other groups who are interested in working with the USC, and to discussing intentions and ideas for future proposals. 



The United Space Confederation does not engage in acts of piracy, extortion, or kidnapping. We ask other groups to report any alleged pirate attacks by USC Citizens to the Office of Diplomacy, Outreach, and Immigration for investigation. The USC is not a “pirate hunting” organization and does not aspire to become one.


Intelligence Gathering

The United Space Confederation does not condone out-of-game intelligence gathering, also known as 'meta-gaming'. The USC does not sanction our Citizens joining other groups, least of all for the purpose of espionage, and actively seeks to prevent this.



The United Space Confederation agrees to keep any and all information exchanged during diplomatic talks and/or negotiations, for purposes of trade or otherwise, confidential. If the terms of any agreement are breached by other involved parties, the United Space Confederation holds this confidentiality agreement null and void.