Our Vision, Our Way of Life

The United Space Confederation was born from the oppression imposed under the old United Earth Empire. It was a time where humanity saw itself as the masters of the universe; anything or any being that stood in its way was to be removed, even other humans who did not share the same view. The core values of the United Space Confederation – Equality, Prosperity, Freedom – stood apart from the tyrannical reign of the UEE. Our ideals were meant to be a beacon of light for those who found themselves being crushed under the galactic fist of the United Earth Empire.

Life in our galaxy, our universe, is a precious and rare occurrence in the vast expanse of the cosmos. Take a moment to think of all the cycles, forms, and changes that life had to overcome, just so we could stand where we are today. The life that was started, melded, and honed over millions and billions of years should not be a thing so frivolously squandered. We believe that all sentient beings willing to cooperate peacefully with others are worthy of an equal chance to make a life for themselves in the vast cosmic ocean. We have held true to our values throughout history, well before the formation of the USC, and we will continue to do so. Our vision for the future has all races and forms of life working together to build, improve, and advance our civilizations, fostering life wherever it may be in the vast expanse we call the universe.


To meet our criteria, and be eligible for USC citizenship, potential citizens must be able to communicate in English and have a verified RSI account. Once you successfully submit an application satisfactorily, you may be extended a trial period membership visa and the USC welcomes you to 'date' us for 90 days. We ask that you show the USC as your main org on the RSI site during the trial period. Full fledged citizens are not allowed to be members of other orgs, except for small friend & family types. No matter how you identify yourself or how others perceive you, the USC welcomes citizens of all types including – but not limited to – people of varied age, culture, ethnicity, gender, gender-identity, sexual orientation, language, race, and geographical location, as long as you interact positively and constructively with our community. This means that actions such as deep meta-gaming, rumour spreading, and baiting are unacceptable. We aim to have a drama-free environment where people of all kinds are able to interact and have fun with each other.

Those who are extended USC citizenship are eligible to interact in our social platforms, contribute their thoughts and ideas to the USC, and take part in all of our events (in and out of game). We ask that you follow our policies outlined on this page

To stay an active USC Citizen once Star Citizen launches, we expect all of our Citizens to contribute in a meaningful way. This does not mean we enforce playtime rules or requirements; Citizens are free to play when their time allows. Your real life comes first. Instead, we expect USC Citizens to use their play time, whenever or however long it might be, in a meaningful way that both benefits themselves and the United Space Confederation. 

Play Style

While groups dedicated to specific play styles are great, we don’t like to use the “hardcore” or “casual” labels. Both types of players and anyone in between are welcome in the USC. Citizens are free to switch between different game play focuses whenever they wish. How you play and contribute to the USC is up to you. Our main goal in the USC is for our citizens to have fun while playing Star Citizen as a group. We already do enough things we don’t necessarily want to do in our everyday life, we don’t want the game to feel like a second job!

Your real life comes first.

As in any MMO, some content will require a more "hardcore" approach.  The USC's version of what in other games would be our "progression raid team" is the USC Navy. Participation in Navy activities may require meeting certain standards and obeying more stringent rules than general membership.  In content where the success of the group is dependent on everyone present, where no one can be carried, it is only fair to the whole to hold each member to an appropriate standard.

There are too many unknowns about the economic systems to go into specifics yet; we would most likely be constantly changing with Star Citizen’s continued development. The foundations are currently in place, and we have people who are continuing to look at, learn, and evaluate the situation so we can be as prepared as possible for the future. Rest assured, that the United Space Confederation considers economics and finances to be a major part of our organization, and we will have a lot of focus on that branch of operations. We will continue to make updates to our economic policies when we feel confident enough to release something Citizens can have a reasonable amount of confidence in.

Role Play

While the United Space Confederation is not a dedicated Role Playing organization or group, we are very supportive of those who enjoy the activity. We admire the attention to detail and amount of lore content that is published by Cloud Imperium Games, as well as their commitment to immersion. The USC aims to hold ourselves to a similar standard; we have put extensive thought and care into crafting the look, feel, and story of the United Space Confederation. Our goal is for the USC to fit right into the finished Star Citizen universe.

Because we share the same commitment as CIG, the USC is very open to those who enjoy role playing of any kind. Whether you only want to create a backstory for your character, or prefer to interact as your alternate self full time, our lore and dedication to immersion will put you right in the universe.

Philosophy and Goals

We strive to create a safe and prosperous future for all sentient beings in our universe, a place where anyone has an equal chance to create a long and happy life for themselves. For a time, we had a chance to achieve such a goal. We had won freedom from the old oppressive UEE. Claimed a small area of space we could call our own, safe for those who wanted to co-exist in peace together, away from turmoil. We were committed to keeping our planetary economies strong. Citizens were happy, thriving even, and we thought the USC had achieved a small utopia in our little corner of space. It was not to last though. Despite the downfall, we have emerged from the ashes wiser, and with a more realistic outlook. We realize that re-attaining our glory days, our utopia, will most likely never happen. That won’t stop us from trying though. We carry our ideals forward not necessarily as our only goals, but as our guide for the future. This is what drives our motivations and goals!

The United Space Confederation Holds Fast To These Ideals:

We will continue to work towards a better future for all sentient beings. We will strive to make sure our Citizens have a financially secure future. We strive to broaden our understanding and knowledge of the universe, as well as those in it. And we will defend what we've built from those who threaten our endless pursuit of utopia. Be they the UEE, pirates, or unknown forces, we stand by our creed!

The Great Creed Of The United Space Confederation

Equality: The United Space Confederation promotes the ideal that all sentient life willing to exist in harmony with others in the universe should have equal treatment and rights under intergalactic law. This was a deciding factor when choosing to fight the UEE for independence. It is a value we will continue to promote ourselves, as well as support other groups who share the same sentiment as the USC, such as Terra.

Prosperity: We hold financial responsibility in high regard, as those who squander their wealth do not last long. The USC aims to give economic stability and reliability to its citizens by maintaining a strong economic system not only on our own merits, but also through trade and negotiation with our allies and other parties. Unfortunately, with the current climate of our universe, any gains made towards our values, goals, and philosophies are unsustainable without the means to defend them. Security in uncertain times is an important piece to our prosperity, and without a strong defence, there can be no advancement. Being able to defend our citizens, our values, and our resources is a quality we are committed to.

Freedom: With greater knowledge comes greater understanding, freer thinking, and increased readiness for the future. We view all knowledge, personal freedom, and enlightenment as a valuable resource.

The collective goal of the philosophies and values of the United Space Confederation is to create a prosperous faction in an uncertain universe, with a forward thinking government that cares about the well being of its Citizens, rather than expanding its own power, wealth, and influence. In pursuit of these ideals, the United Space Confederation does not aim to become the biggest, most powerful, or even most influential organization in the Star Citizen universe. Our primary directive is to provide a fun and prosperous faction experience in Star Citizen; while fostering a strong and enthusiastic community around Star Citizen. By following our philosophies and values, we hope to leave our own unique mark in Star Citizen’s history. Does the USC’s vision coincide with your own? 

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