Engineering & Medical Support


The Ministry of Engineering and Support (MES) is one of four 'In-Game Sandbox Content Creation' entities and is responsible for planning Naval Engineering missions like repair, rearming, and refueling; overseeing civil engineering contracts like resource gathering via mining or salvage operations, manufacturing, base building; and training medical personnel as well as maintaining our healthcare capacity. The Ministry also provides support for things like verifying optimal loadouts and upgrading components. 

(WIP) *more information will be posted as the game develops*

Confederation Health Services employs and supports all official medical personnel within the USC, including doctors, nurses, hospital personnel, field medics, combat medics, It will also maintain all medical equipment, vehicles or buildings required to provide state-of-the-art care for our citizens.

The Department of Civil & Aerospace Engineering is responsible for resource gathering & recycling in space and on planetary surfaces, the maintenance, upgrading & construction of public infrastructure, assets & consumables and the technological development & innovation within the USC.

The Office of Naval Engineering provides skilled resources and support to the USC’s Navy. It oversees all maintenance & engineering duties ranging from production & maintenance of military assets and construction & deployment of bases to training & deployment of combat engineers on all military missions. Additionally, repair, refuel and re-arming services to the USC membership are supported here.