Confederation Media Network


The Confederation Media Network (CBN) is the media broadcasting and social media team for the United Space Confederation. The CMN is responsible for producing and publishing org-specific literature such as newsletters, brochures, newscasts and newsletter updates. They also produce content for our various social media sites, and to aid in recruitment, marketing and communication efforts.

Notable News Updates

Following are notable news updates we'd like to share with the Star Citizen community: 

Videos of the Month -  The CBN and our very own Farrister presents:

USC News Calendar

Notable Upcoming Events: 

Meta Events Contest: 

The Contest will roll on an annual schedule and will consist of four quarters. Each quarter will have a theme based off of the Ministries found on the USC Organization chart and hosted by the corresponding Minister or Consul:

Each quarter will have a series of activities, events and/or tasks that fall within the theme, that Citizens must participate in to earn ‘points’. During each quarter, all citizens will have the opportunity to earn points for participating in the series of activities, events, and tasks. Points reset every quarter. Each activity will have a range of points that can be earned. 

USC Donation Pool

Members donate to the success of the org in three meaningful ways: 

Time: While we don't mandate your playtime, we can't be successful if you don't contribute any time to the org's objective for creating group gameplay content. We want to benefit from the valuable time you will contribute, hence our one org policy and our concerted efforts of providing you the tools and platforms you'll need to maximize every moment you can afford to spend on the Star Citizen game.  

Talent: Our talents can only become refined and mastered after we spend quality time in game. We understand our members have individual aspirations for what they want their in-game characters to become. So the USC aims to organize these individual contributions towards collective goals. These goals will require group effort, so your contribution of content mastery i.e. Commerce, Diplomacy, Engineering and the etc., is valuable to us and is appreciated. 

Treasure: This has two implications for the USC:  

Out of Game donations help us host real-life meetup events, maintain our social media efforts, and in-game activity rewards such as game packages, ships, and flair items. Out of game donations doesn't have to be just money, other items such as stickers, printed works, logo stencils and the etc. all help. 

Please note: We will never require anyone to make a payment to be a member of the USC. These donations are completely voluntary and we will not disclose your donations. Contact the if anyone or any member ever approaches you about collecting a donation on our behalf, it simply isn't allowed or tolerated. 

Thank you!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our members for the time, talent and treasure they donate to the 

United Space Confederation. 

It's because of your donations our organization is able to provide an enjoyable game community experience, not only for our members but for the Star Citizen community as a whole!