Interstellar Commerce


The business and money side of the United Space Confederation (USC) is handled by the Ministry of Interstellar Commerce (MIC). The MIC is, like all our Ministries, a vital part of the USC’s operations The MIC is one of four 'In-Game Sandbox Content Creation' entities and is responsible for:

Strategic Focus

The MIC has a keen focus for realizing the full potential of any financial opportunity that presents itself. In cooperation with the other Ministries of the USC, members of the MIC should expect to be involved with the coordination of org activities on a regular basis. 

These activities include, but are not limited to:

(WIP) *more information will be posted as the game develops*

Operational Focus 

 While these operations may sound easy when reading on your Mobi-Glas, in practice there is an extensive process behind it to make sure everything runs smoothly. For example, economic policies are set through talks and negotiations between the USC Cabinet, the USC Citizen’s Senate, and the Ministry of Interstellar Commerce (MIC). Once policy goals are agreed upon, the MIC is responsible for setting the best policies for achieving those goals. The MIC’s main focus is that the Confederation’s capital investments are maintained, and protected. 

 The MIC, together with the Consul of Peace, is involved in negotiating trade agreements with other player corporations and governments. Once treaties and pacts are agreed upon, it is also the responsibility of the MIC to carry out the agreement. For political reasons, the United Earth Empire (UEE) does not officially accept trade from the United Space Confederation. However, the  USC Cabinet, with help from the government of Terra, have developed methods of legally trading with the UEE as well as within their borders. Citizens operating under the USC banner will not have their list of potential clientele limited to private corporations or individuals outside of the UEE, also be assured that all transactions will use UEC as currency, so citizens will have no issues with trade or commerce.