Why Not Both?

In picturing the role of Ministers in the USC leadership, as opposed to the Consuls, it is worth looking at them as different fields within the larger USC community:

The role of Minister Leaders - What's their difference from Consul Leaders? 

The Two Pillars of USC Leadership

The Voice Of The Citizens

The USC Organization Chart:

USC Organization 01-17-2022 Chart V2.0.drawio.png


The United Space Confederation benefits from the efforts and hard work of it's flat leadership structure. The leadership team has seven (7) positions which consist of: one (1) Prime Minister, two (2) Consuls, and four (4) Ministers. 

Our Ministers are directly responsible for the creation of in-game sandbox content.

Our Consul of Peace is directly responsible for the provision of support to the org's membership, it's various communication platforms and to the creation of group gameplay content. 

Our Consul of War is directly responsible for the effective operation of the Navy. The Navy is the equivalent of a 'progression raid team' typical in traditional MMO games. The USC Navy is responsible for gathering information to formulate 'operations', with organizing groups of players qualified to perform specific duties required to successfully complete the operation's objectives, and finally distribute the rewards (loot) from the operation to USC storage and participating members.