Welcome to the United Space Confederation

Organization Overview

Our collective goal for the philosophies and values of the United Space Confederation is to create a prosperous faction in an uncertain Star Citizen universe, with a forward thinking government that cares about the well being of its citizens, rather than expanding its own power, wealth, and influence. In pursuit of these ideals, the United Space Confederation does not aim to become the biggest, most powerful, or even most influential organization in Star Citizen. Our primary directive is to provide a fun and prosperous faction experience while fostering a strong and enthusiastic community. By following our philosophies and values, we hope to leave our own unique mark in Star Citizen’s history.

The United Space Confederation (USC) was conceived as an organization that would offer something for everyone, set in an environment that maintains fun group game play experiences as the top priority. In keeping with the very high standards that Cloud Imperium Games has already set, the founders of the USC likewise set out to create an in-game faction that would integrate well into the established Star Citizen universe, while maintaining its own style and theme, as well as allowing it's citizens the freedom to immerse themselves in the game however they wish. We are proud to continue that tradition to this day. As you explore the USC, you will see this dedication to lore and immersion throughout the large amount of in-fiction content, backstories, and membership  contributions.

Since the USC’s founding in 2013, we have stayed true to our original vision while continuously updating and improving the tools and platforms necessary to contribute to the creation of group gameplay content that all citizens may enjoy.  

Our Collective Philosophy

We Stand By Our Values

Equality, Prosperity, Freedom – All citizens are valued parts of the USC and have the ability to help shape the organization.

Play How You Want

No enforced playtime requirements or strict roles means that you can play Star Citizen in the way you want to, whenever you want to.

Dedicated Leadership

A diverse set of backgrounds, life experience, and experience with previous guilds offers USC leadership a wealth of information to draw from. These citizens have dedicated years of time to their positions; you can count on them to keep the USC’s best interests at heart.

Community Emphasis

Our community is the focus of the USC. We actively encourage citizens to give us suggestions and feedback to enable the organization to constantly improve. Artwork, videos, fan-fiction or role play, we love to see it all! All citizens of the USC are considered 'group gameplay content creators'. It’s awesome to see how much the USC has changed and improved over its existence thanks to citizen contributions. That’s why our emphasis is focused on the community; only with a strong community can we achieve great feats in the Star Citizen universe.

Active Community

The USC looks to accommodate everyone’s play styles and time restraints. We understand that everyone has a life outside of Star Citizen, and because of this, we have no set gameplay time requirements per week – your real life comes first

However, to stay an active USC Citizen once Star Citizen launches, we expect all of our Citizens to contribute in a meaningful way. We expect USC Citizens to use their playtime, whenever or however long it might be, in a meaningful way that both benefits them and the United Space Confederation. We will not tolerate people using group resources for purely personal gain.

We will set up group activities, both in-game and in-real-life, and all members are encouraged to participate, as well as set up self-created opportunities on the USC shared calendar.  

Mature and Respectful

Citizens of the USC are all treated with equality and respect by the leaders, and Citizens are expected to behave the same to each other. The USC acknowledges that gamers come from diverse backgrounds, and use video games to escape the stresses of real life. Because of this, the USC aims to provide a pleasant, drama-free environment for Citizens to enjoy playing Star Citizen in. As such, only polite, mature, and responsible candidates need apply for USC Citizenship. It is recommended that applicants be over the age of 18. Exceptions may be made on a case by case basis. 

Overall you will be judged on your personality and treatment of others in the community, not your age. The USC operates on a zero-tolerance policy for needless drama, and Citizens who are found disturbing the peace are subject to immediate loss of USC Citizenship. If you have a direct problem with another member, please contact an Outreach Officer or Consul member to help deal with the situation.

Diverse Citizen Base

We are open to all English speaking members, whether native or as a second language, and regardless of time zone. We currently have members who represent countries from around the globe!